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San Carlos City

Vamos San Carlos! The border between Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental from the north, this city has a land area of 45,150 hectares with a demographic of 132,536 people per the 2015 census and is politically subdivided into 18 barangays.

The place was formerly known as “Nabingkalan”, named after an infamous and beloved princess – Nabingka. She is the daughter of the Negrito chieftain who then ruled the settlement. The area was then bought by Carlos Apurado who hailed from Badian, Cebu. Together with his fellow pioneers, they developed the settlement into a thriving Christian village. As the village prospered, a priest from Calatrava – realizing that it was more prosperous than the town proper – endeavored to establish the village into a town. Together with the cabezas de barangay, they decided to name the new town San Carlos in honor of its patron saint St. Carlos Borromeo, whose feast day was November 4.

At present, San Carlos is a 2nd class component city and had achieved its cityhood on July 1, 1960.

Population : 132,536 (2015 census)

Barangays : 18

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Pintaflores Festival - The City of San Carlos in Negros Occidental celebrates its annual Pintaflores Festival every 5th of November. The festival's name is derived from the Spanish wordsPinta (tattoo), and Flores (flowers). It retells the story of Princess Nabingka, who sailed together with his men, and landed to an unchartered place which they called Nabingkalan- in honor of the princess, and what we now know as San Carlos City. According to the folktales, Princess Nabingka got seriously ill after they settled in. The babaylan or shaman then ordered the people to plant beautiful and sweet smelling flowers to help cure the Princess. However, due to the place’s harsh environment, the flowers would not bloom and the plants would eventually die. The shaman then ordered the village’s people to put flower tattoos in their body. Everyone followed and covered their bodies with floral-pattern tattoos. Soon enough, Princess Nabingka’s health improved and recuperated. The village then rejoiced and danced in jubilation. Visitors attending the Pintaflores Festival should look out for the intricate floral tattoos of the dancers as they make their way down the streets. Such an amazing festival not only gives a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage within the city, it is also a popular tourist attraction.

Feast of St. Charles Borromeo - Prior to the annual Pintaflores festival, people would commence in a three-day celebration in honor of its patron saint San Carlos Borromeo. Every first week of the month of November, immediately after lighting candles in honor of departed souls, the people of San Carlos City in Negros Occidental go into a state of merriment as the city's trademark festival conquers the streets.San Carlos was born on Oct. 2, 1538 in Arona, Italy. Ordained priest in 1563, he was appointed archbishop and cardinal of Milan, Italy, in the same year. Known as a great reformer, confessor, and charity worker, he established seminaries and colleges for candidates for priesthood.


Skyland Hotel and Restaurant

Broce Street, Cor, Edrina Street, San Carlos City , Negros Occidental

Tel. (034) 312 5589 / 729-8248 // Mobile # 09086692735/ 09162824602


La Vista Highlands Mountain Resort Paradise

Highway, Km. 67, Brgy. Prosperidad, San Carlos City , Negros Occidental

Tel. +639228680463 or +63917 321 6704 or 09216124597/09277195637

Email: n/a

Whispering Palm Island Resort

San Juan,Sipaway Island, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

Tel. 0929 873 1146


YM Business Inn

Broce Street, San Carlos City, San Carlos, Negros Occidental

Tel. (034) 312 6900 or 729 3654

Email: n/a

Mom's Small Hotel & Restaurant

FC Ledesma Ave, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

Tel. (034) 312 6981

Email: n/a


Tio Apin's Inasal

Barangay 2 C. L. Ledesma Avenue, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

Phone: (034) 729 8322

Email: n/a

Q's Manokan

Locsin Street, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

Phone: n/a

Email: n/a

Dexter's Pizza at 10.9

F.C Ledesma Ave., San Carlos City

Phone: 0932 861 3990

Email: n/a

Sir Chief’s Corner

Euzkara Ave, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

Phone: 0917 844 6927

Email: n/a

La Grotta Italian Restaurant

Eco-Translink Highway, Rovirih heights Subdivsion, San Carlos City,Negros Occidental

Phone: 0919 624 9287

Email: n/a


From Bacolod The fastest route is through the Eco-Tourism highway. You may take a Ceres bus or a v-hire bound for San Carlos city via Don Salvador Benedicto route. Travel time is approximately 2hrs and 20min. Same goes if you travel via your private car.

The long route is Bacolod – Escalante – San Carlos city via the coastal highway which will take about 3hrs 30min or up to 4hrs. of travel time.

From Dumaguete Take a bus bound for San Carlos city from the Ceres terminal. Travel time is approximately 4hrs.

You may also enjoy a four-hour joyride via private car traversing from the same route via the coastal highway.


Codcod Rice Terraces

Brgy. Codcod is located at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon and is known as the rice granary of San Carlos City. With its high altitude and cool climate, no wonder it has become Negros Island’s vegetable basket. And who knows, you might find Thanos!

La Fortuna Nature and Wildlife Lagoon

Located in So. Katingal-an, Brgy. Buluangan, this lush vegetation is a 5-hectare paradise owned by the Ledesma family. It serves as a peaceful haven for migratory birds with its man-made lagoon accentuated with pine trees, and various plants.

Cave Lapus

Sign up to some cave adventure and head to Upper TongoBrgy. Palampas. This magnificently structured cave boastsremarkable rock formations, underground river and challenging passageways.

Hilayan Cave

Wanted more cave exploration? Hop to Brgy. Prosperidad and be challenged getting inside this impressively carved crevice. Once inside, gaze up and watch the native swallows in their dwellings within the stalactites.

Sipaway Island

It’s just a 10-15min boat ride from San Carlos City, this unspoiled white sand beach coastline is not known to many. It may not have powdery-fine sand as Boracay, but the fact that you can enjoy the beach all to yourself minus the rowdy crowd makes it more appealing especially to the reticent tourists.

Alinsyawan Falls

Found in Brgy. Palampas, San Carlos City and approximately 45min away from the city proper. An ideal place for nature lovers and local tourists.

Magon-on Falls

Brgy. Codcod, San Carlos City is really blessed with nature’s wonder. Well-hidden in the midst of lush forest, this gorgeous curtain of mist and stream is Insta perfect.

San Carlos Choco Hills

Move over Bohol’s Chocolate Hills. San Carlos’ Choco Hills in Brgy. Prosperidad will give you a run for your money. The hills are visible along the highway when you traverse from Negros Translink Highway.

The Broce Ancestral House

As eerie as it looks, this ancestral house of the Broce clan holds a significant historical value as well as a stature of wealth the city once had. Built in 1937, the fortress-like mansion was once the home of Don Florentino Broce and his family who was the richest and the major land owner in the city. It also served as the City Hall in 1960’s and a City Court in 1970’s.

San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral

The San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral was the first religious structure to have ever been built by Augustinian Recollect fathers in 1891.In 1935, the building was restructured to take on a Gothic, Byzantine and Romanesque design.


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