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Cadiz City

Cadiz City is a 2nd class city and a major sugarcane-producing area in the province of Negros Occidental. It is also a gateway and a premier center of agro-fishery resources. It is known as the City of Whales and the Dried Fish Capital.

In 1861, historical record states that the Spaniards came and named the city to one of Spain’s northern seaport that reminds them about the place back in their country.

On July 1967, Cadiz was inaugurated as a city by virtue of Republic Act No. 4894 authored by the late Congressman Armando Gustilo and passed by Congress on June 17, 1967.

Population : 154,723 (2015 census)

Barangays : 22

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Dinagsa Festival - The Dinagsa is a weeklong celebration held every last week of January in honor of its Patron saint, the Señor Sto. Niño. Dinagsa came from a Hiligaynon word “dagsa” which means to gather together or to come in groups. This spectacular revelry features several competitions in games and sports, beauty pageants, dog show, a fluvial parade and the Lamhitanay festival which is unique feature of the Dinagsa. Locals as well as the visitors roam the streets to smother paints on each other’s faces. It's one of the most awaited fiestas in the province of Negros Occidental.


RL Apartelle Pension House

Villena Street, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

Tel. (034) 493 1171

Email: n/a

Magdalene Hotel

Villena street, Cadiz City, 6121 Negros Occidental

Tel. (034) 493 1567

Email: n/a

Royal Ty Inn

Villena Street corner Abelarde, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

Tel. 09494894558

Email: n/a

Lakawon Island Resort

Cadiz Viejo, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

Tel. (034) 213 6354 / 09175022625 / 09491132202 / 09323964453 / 09175556979


EC Pension House

Villena St, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

Tel. (034) 493 1711

Email: n/a


Cafe Rizz

Diamond Street, Corner Opal, San Eusebio, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

Phone: 09214946251

Email: n/a

Cafe Roshe

Villena Street, Piazza Vijandre, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

Phone: (034) 493 2238

Email: n/a

Beast n' Belly Restaurant

Zone II, Cabahug Street, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

Phone: 09275008783

Email: n/a

Terrace Garden Restaurant

Abelarde Street Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

Phone: (034) 493 0614

Email: n/a

Mimi's Fastfood & Snackhaus

Abelarde Street, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

Phone: (034) 493 0188

Email: n/a


From Bacolod Approximately one hour and a half from Bacolod North Terminal. PUJ and Van for hire vehicles are also available.

- Approximately 6 hours from Dumaguete Bus Terminal via Mabinay to Cadiz.

- Approximately 7 hours from Dumaguete Bus Terminal via San Carlos to Cadiz.

- Approximately 3 hours from San Carlos Western Nautical Highway.

By Boat

Approximately 4 hours on large pump boats transporting cargoes and passengers to and from Bantayan Island, Cebu.


Lakawon Island Resort

It is a white sand island paradise with a magnificent view of the sunset and a perfect destination to rejuvenate and unwind.

Laura’s Seafront Beach Resort

This resort has a magnificent Olympic-size swimming pool, KTV bar and restaurant, lawn tennis, mini billiard, ball room / disco pub and floating restaurant. It’s an ideal place for family outings.

WW II Memorial Wall

It is a memorial wall that has an enormous lists of heroes who fought for our country during the World War II.

Sta. Cruz Beach Resort

A beach resort that has blue cool sea waters and equipped with native beach houses. It is an ideal place to enjoy with friends and family.

Alimatoc Rice Terraces

It is one of interesting attractions because of its beautiful, artistic and unique cultivation by the farmers.

Balay Alibangbang Nature Resort and Pool

It is the first live free-flying butterfly sanctuary in the province and a good place for recreation.

Pacol Waterfalls

A place with spectacular waterfalls to experience a remarkable gift of nature.

Busac-Busac Spring

It is considered one of the Cadiz tourists attraction for its natural beauty. It is also the main source of potable water for the Cadiz City Water District.

Cornel Swimming Pool

It is a venue of various swimming competitions and it also offers horseback riding lessons, accepts wedding occasion, seminars and other parties.

Hda. Buen Pastor Cutflower and Pineapple Plantation

It’s the city’s agri-tourism potential, with exotic variety of hybrid pineapple and cutflowers.


TOURISM (34) 493-1611 / (034) 433-2515
POLICE (034) 493 0166
BUREAU OF FIRE PROTECTION (034) 4930-160 / (34) 720-7078