Ayala Capitol Civic Center Development


Situated at the heart of the City of Smiles, which host the seat of the province of Negros Occidental, Ayala Land Incorporated signed an aggrement with the Province of Negros Occidental for the development of the surrounding areas of the capitol grounds.

The project is called the Ayala Capitol Civic Center and comprises of different buildings.
1. Ayala Regional Mall – 6 storey
2. BPO mixed use building – 8 storey
3. Seda Hotel – 8 storey
4. Lagoon Re-Development

Aside from this development, Ayala Land Incorporated grab the chance to land bank on the surrounding properties of this project. Adding on their list of the under-construction buildings, is the Amaia Steps 2 tower condominium which is located at the back of the 6 storey Ayala regional mall. As of this writing, one of the Amaia tower is topped off and undergoing interior construction, the second tower is on selling stage and going to be constructed this year.


In the earlier proposed plan for this development, the developer put some high-rises condominium, we are guessing for an Avida towers here, But the supposed plan has not come to a fruition because of a bidding dispute given by another bidder on the said development project. So for now, Ayala is focusing their entire resources on the 3 buildings listed above.

Dispute for the property of the high-rises condominium is still on going,so for now Negrenses are just expecting that after these project is completed,hopefully the resolution for the dispute will come so that more developments,jobs and indirect business income will be generated.

Project Status :

Ayala regional mall is on 24 hour heavy construction and is expected to be opened next year 2018.

BPO mixed use building is under construction and is already nearing top off, it is expected to be opened next year.

Seda Hotel is expected to open this month, but was delayed by unforeseen logistics and is expected to be open hopefully this month or next month.

Lagoon Re-Developement is almost complete and expected to be re-opened this year.


Negrenses specially on the occidental side is very thankful for this development to Ayala Land Incorporated as this means more jobs and income to local people will come. We are expecting for more investor to invest in this side of the province and for them to realize the untapped economic power of Negros Occidental.

PS: We will be linking here the individual projects updates. so stay tuned.


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